A Scalable Ecosystem of Token Solutions

TEKK enables anyone to create and securely exchange tokens that represent physical products, digital access rights, and more.

Crowdsale Friday, September 22nd. 10am EST. 7am PST.

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A side chain protocol that enables an ecosystem of token solutions, apps & platforms for creating valuable, scalable & intuitive consumer products. ‘WordPress for tokens.’

Token Layer

TEKK is the WordPress for blockchain tokens. Our goal is to make it easy to create intuitive, valuable & scalable token products. Broad adoption begins with a consumer centric focus. TEKK is built with an ‘abstract away, opt-in’ approach. TEKK Token Layer is the underlying token sidechain protocol for the issuance and exchange of consumer centric tokens. The Token Layer focus is lower value consumer token assets, micro-transactions, and asset provenance with predictable fees, high volume transactions and integrated media storage solutions. Token Layer Bridges to other protocols for high value assets and specific utility and will integrate a marketplace for community apps, solutions and platforms.

Tokenpass API

Your gateway and hub to username based token inventory and access management. Tokenpass powers features across other API connected platforms such as Token Markets, TokenFM and your next big idea! Features include tokenized asset lending and rentals, token chats, token access, off chain credits and instant token deliveries. Lend or rent tokens to other usernames without actually transferring token ownership, enabling limited, non transferable access to a webpage, a song, or even a car. Your creativity is the limit!

Token Pockets

A feature rich wallet that captures the best of both worlds for Bitcoin and Counterparty tokens. Create multiple Bitcoin wallets for spending and saving including support for multi-sig shared wallets. Issue new tokens with detailed meta data straight from the wallet or store existing tokens. Pockets is available in early beta as both a web wallet and standalone desktop version.


The first blockchain and token powered media streaming and community platform for artists, curators and fans! Artists, curators and broadcasters own their distribution, pricing, splits and fan interactions. Fans can gift, lend, sell or trade media they own and collect limited volume digital media. Perks associated with media unlock unique experiences and exclusives. Much more! ALL CROWDSALE PARTICIPANTS get early access, a token membership, affiliate link and giveaway promotional codes for TokenFM.


Single stop turnkey solution for eCommerce and Crowdsales. Sell physical or digital goods & services as well as blockchain tokens. Accept tokens, digital currency or credits cards as payment. OR launch a full fledged crowdsale with the same options. Pioneering vendors have been using  Token Markets to sell blockchain token assets as well as digital media. Augmentors AR game successfully crowdraised $1M BTC with an embed of Token Markets, offering token currency (databits) and tokenized creature assets.

Token Event

200M TEKK tokens will be minted at $0.12 USD equivalent. At least 50% will be distributed during the token event. TEKK tokens will fuel the sidechain transactions and be required for validator participation. They will also offer mixed utility including access to publish and redemption to purchase ecosystem services. Pre-sale participation offers a 15% discount and 1st hour of sale offers 10%. Learn More & Sign Up.

Highlight Reel

Most ICOs are at a ‘vaporware’ stage. There’s an idea, a whitepaper and that is about it. TEKK is being developed by Tokenly. We’ve built several solutions, apps and platforms to date as a proof of concept and worked with many projects to validate whether their goals merit the use of tokens. Check out some highlights below and feel free to scope out our existing assets:

TokenFM   |   TokenPockets   |   TokenMarkets   |   Tokenpass

Token Chat | Engage in private or group chats with access limited to specific tokens and volumes in TokenFM or via tokenpass API.
Build your Empire on Token Markets | Stop paying 4% credit card fees on sales. Pay as little as 1% AND tap into the new token economy!
Funding | $1M BTC token asset Crowdsale on Token Markets for Augmentors (Feb|17)
Provenance | Use Token Pockets to issue limited volume tokens with detailed metadata and associate them with real world assets or digital goods.
Instant Tokens | Bypass blockchain wait times with instant token fulfillment (promises) in Token Markets or via tokenpass API!
TokenFM | 300+ early signups. Alpha supports audio media, tokenization, revenue splits, streaming, sales and token chats.
Exclusives | Gate access to sales and events based on tokenized VIP memberships, limited albums or points.
Monetization| Easily launch branded cross-platform compatible blockchain token reward points.
Valuable Engagement | Build awareness and engagement with your audience by associating access and perks with tokens.
Jukebox is Back| Support artists directly with pay per stream micropayments via TokenFM credits.
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